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Baba3hattrio, “In Our Hands”

A melodic, psychedelic, multilayered, cinematic piece.

Amy van KeekenJennifer Castle, “Crying Shame”

Hooray! Jennifer Castle is releasing a new record on May 18th!! Crying Shame is the first single from Angels of Death and it is gorgeous in its simplicity and repetition. Castle’s liquid and tremulous voice is front and centre with some lush production swirling around her. It is uplifting and inspiring to me as an artist to experience another artist being themselves one hundred percent and creating exactly the way they want to. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the record.

Hayley MuirMariel Buckley, “Rose Coloured Frames”

This one was a no-brainer! Mariel is one of my favourite Calgary artists and she’s got her sophomore record, Driving In The Dark, dropping in May. Rose Coloured Frames is the first single from the new album and it’s a sunny, hazy twang-drenched piece about finding peace in painful memories. Keep your ears peeled for more from Mariel in the coming months!

David WardBahamas, “Any Place”

On a recent road trip, Bahamas latest album (Earthtones) was the one that all the passengers wanted to hear again and again. Why? It makes you feel good, it’s unpretentious, the production is sophisticated & clean, and it has a deep groove perfect for driving. The album closes with this song wherein the tempo slows to a crawl appropriate for a late night reflection and Afie’s voice drops deep down to tell you “If I could just go back in time …”.

Kodi HutchinsonTricia Edwards, “Mambo Influenciado”

A fun reinterpretation of a Cuban standard from an Albertan band lead by Calgary pianist Tricia Edwards. The track features some stellar solos from saxophonist Jim Brenan andelectric bassist Jeremy Coates.

Mark AntonelliEnglish CO / Patrick Hawes, “Rain by Patrick Hawes”

I’m a sucker for rainsticks and can’t wait for Spring! I’ve also always enjoyed Patrick Hawes’ music whether it’s orchestral or choral.

Grant StovelMargaret Glaspy, “Before We Were Together”

This super-talented youngster’s honeyed voice first caught my ear when she was a featured singer with traditional folk music monster Jayme Stone and his wonderful Lomax Project.
Then she put out her own debut album — 2016’s dazzling “Emotions and Math” — and surprise! It turns out that she’s kind of a snarly indie-rock artist when she’s doing her own thing!
Well, the singer/songwriter/guitar player and her muscular, spare-sounding trio are back. The new EP “Born Yesterday” is a thing of gnarly-yet-vulnerable beauty. AND… we just learned that she’ll be coming to Edmonton’s Interstellar Rodeo in July!