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This week’s playlist contains some new releases from names like The New Pornographers and Jenn Grant, as well as a few picks from some amazing artists you may not have heard of. Check out what our hosts have picked this week.

The Playlist:

The Picks:

Orest Soltykevych
Zuill Bailey / Lara Downes-- "Samuel Barber: Sure on This Shining Night"

One of American composer Samuel Barber’s best-known works. He wrote it as an art song in the late 1930s, and it’s set to text by the American poet James Agee.

Grant Stovel
Ann Vriend-- "All That I Can"

This new vintage-sounding soul-blues ballad just won Ann the 2017 Cobalt Songwriting Prize for Blues Composition.

This song is not on Spotify. Listen to it here:

Joanna Chapman-Smith-- "The City Of Stone"

Joanna Chapman-Smith coming out of T.O. brings this ‘concept’ album (Elon & The City Of Stone) and it has many styles of musical expression woven in the track (and the album.)

This song is not on Spotify. Listen to it here:

Terry David Mulligan
Joey Landreth. -- "Whiskey"

Because it’s the start of what’s going to be an outstanding solo career.

Brian Golightly
Bob Dylan-- "Like a Rolling Stone"

When Bob Dylan asked “how does it feel?”, he illuminated the conflicted spirit of an era and posed a question that could only be answered with his song: Like a Rolling Stone. That’s how it feels.

Oskar Zybart
Beach House-- "Space Song"

Feeling adrift? Here is some gorgeous accompaniment to carry you through.

Lionel Rault
Chuck Prophet-- "Bad Year For Rock and Roll"

Fun, groovy and timely.

Lisa Wilton
Beirut-- "Goshen"

I recently revisited Beirut’s 2011 album, The Rip Tide, and as good as the whole thing is, Goshen is my favourite track. (Well, tied with Santa Fe.) It’s a gorgeous, moving piece with rich instrumentation. Mellow, but never boring.

Mark Antonelli
Ruben Feffer & Gustav Kurlat (composers)-- "Airgela"

Boy And The Word blew me away and this piece of music is heard throughout the film. It’s an intense distillation of Joy…the title is actually the Portuguese word for Joy spelled backwards! The music is amazing on its own but when you combine it with the film’s visuals the result is unforgettable. I agree with the reviewer who said the film was one of “beauty, wonder, sadness, pain and joy.”

This song is not on Spotify. Listen to it here:

Tony King
Laura Marling -- "Wild Fire"

She may have only flirted with the California sunshine, but her time in America made an indelible impression on Laura Marling. She has experimented with blending alt country into the mix in the past, but in this case the virtual autopsy on her relationship is visceral, raw and darkly touching.

Amy Van Keeken
nêhiyawak-- "Tommaso"

Can’t stop listening to this first track released in December by nêhiyawak, a band comprised of Kris Harper, Matthew Cardinal, and Marek Tyler. In their own words: “three Indigenous musicians coalescing at the intersection between traditional and contemporary music.”

This song is not on Spotify. Listen to it here:

Monica Miller
Jenn Grant-- "Galaxies"

Oh…just listen to that voice! First single from “Paradise” – out March 3rd.

Lark Clark
KutiMangoes-- "Ouagadougou"

This is a terrific Danish Afrobeat band recording with guys from Burkina Faso (capital Ouagadougou). They base their sound on Fela Kuti and Charles Mingus (?!)

Hayley Muir
Hurray For The Riff Raff-- "Rican Beach"

Talented and incredibly interesting artist, single from upcoming album and it is a JAM.

David Ward
Foxygen-- "Follow The Leader"

A big production with horns, strings, backup singers, sha-la-las, what more do we want?

Elliott Garnier
The New Pornographers-- "High Ticket Attraction"

A toe-tap inducing pop gem about tossing scientific knowledge and the Magna Carta into the drink is a rock song for the surreal times in which we now live.

Dianne Donovan
Catherine Russell-- "When Lights Are Low"

Fine jazz standard that is not over-used. The whole album (Harlem On My Mind) is great…love the arrangements, her relaxed vocals and EVERYBODY’S swingin.’

Cam Hayden
Fiona Boyes-- "Lay Down With Dogs"

Great track from her Blues Music Award nominated CD “Professin’ the Blues”… shows off her sense of humour and great playing!

Kathryn Calder
Little Scream-- "Wishing Well"

It’s a beautiful song!

Kodi Hutchinson
Kent Sangster's Obsessions Octet-- "A Matter Of Time"

A great fusion of different genres and feels from one of Canada’s great ensembles lead by saxophonist Kent Sangster!