With eclectic and engaging programming, colourful characters, and incredible music, CKUA has been a vital part of the Alberta community since 1927.

CKUA invites you to join us as we celebrate ninety years of exceptional radio and community-building as revealed through historic photos, audio files, and compelling stories with CKUA: Treasures from The Vault.

This virtual exhibit highlights the legacy of five notable CKUA alumni—people who dared to think big, create community, and make great radio. Treasures from The Vault also delves into CKUA’s vast archival collection—over 1.5 million items—to showcase five intriguing objects that will pique your curiosity and connect you to the station’s place in broadcasting history.

CKUA thanks the Edmonton Heritage Council for making this virtual exhibit possible. 




H.P. Brown – Founder, Innovator, Altruist 

Published July 1, 2017

Edison Amberola 30 and Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph 

Published July 18, 2017

Sheila Marryat – 1887 – 1962

Published Aug 1, 2017

Transcription Discs

Published Aug 17, 2017

Beatrice Carmichael 1889 – 1964

Published Aug 28, 2017

Vogue Records

Published Sept 14, 2017

Gaby Haas 1920 – 1987

Published Sept 27, 2017

Autographed Piano Cover

Published Oct. 10, 2017

Art Ward 1912 – 1960

Published Nov 8, 2017

CKUA and 40 wonderous years of radio

Published Nov 21, 2017


Anna Rebus has 20 years’ experience as an archaeologist, author, historian, and museum specialist. Her books include Many Voices, One Heritage: A Celebration of Hungarian Culture in Calgary; Inside the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology; and Airdrie 1909-2009: Celebrating 100 Years of History, Community and Opportunity. Mrs. Rebus holds a BA in Geography and Urban Studies, a BA in Archaeology and Museum Studies, an MA in Museum Studies, and is currently completing an MA in Heritage and Interpretation. Mrs. Rebus has a passion for natural and cultural heritage, and this is reflected in her desire to discover and share the stories of people, cultures, and the world around us. Her favourite band is Canada’s own Blue Rodeo and she enjoys listening to Baba’s Mid-Morning Mojo on CKUA when it’s time for her to hunker down and write.