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For my first choice of 2017: an Austin band that has been at the top of my playlist since it came into the CKUA library. Happiness Is Not A Place is the second album by The Wind and The Wave, aka singer-songwriter Patty Lynn and songwriter/producer Dwight Baker.

Patty and Dwight never really wanted to be a band in the first place, still without a record label after their first album, a very fresh and interesting mix of folk and country.  Happiness Is Not a Place keeps that freshness but does change the folk/country sound a little bit, keeping it gritty but adding a little more muscle and orchestration.  Check out the lead single “Grand Canyon”, but I recommend listening to the whole album, full of good and varied music to discover.  Overall, it is a solid sophomore effort that hopefully will get them noticed by an even larger audience.

– The Mad Ripper