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Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Tapio Kalmi and I send this letter to you because I was able to listen to your station’s program in Northern Finland, Europe with my special equipment. I am 49 years old, married with my wife Päivi and have a 19-year old daughter Kiira and a 17-year-old son Leevi. In our household lives also three Somali cats: Luna, Sirius and Titan.

Tapio Kalmi
I work as an IT consultant in a US-based computer software company, SAS Institute, whose headquarters are in Cary NC, near Raleigh.

Since 1977 my main hobby has been listening to foreign radio stations. The conditions for listening to the foreign broadcasts are quite bad in Helsinki. Therefore I go each winter on a listening expedition with a friend of mine. We go to an isolated cottage in Lemmenjoki, about 320 km (200 miles) north of the Arctic Circle and 950 km (590 miles) north of Helsinki. Pictures and more details about Lemmenjoki are here.

For me the best reception of your station ever has been in LEM284 DXpedition 2009:
DATE 19th November 2009
TIME 2 am Alberta Time

As a keepsake, I would also enclose QSL card from me to your station. Radio amateurs send QSL cards to each other and some radio stations send QSL cards to their listeners, so I got an idea to send my QSL to radio stations.

Greetings from Helsinki, Finland !

Best Regards,
Tapio Kalmi