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Music and the performing arts are an essential outlet in the human experience.

Since 1927, CKUA has brought music and performance to everyone with a desire to hear it. Our tradition has always combined a passion for musical expression and a deep commitment to building a community that values and appreciates artistic expression.

As a CKUA listener and supporter you demonstrate the importance of art and music in your life and that you value independent public broadcasting. If you’re a long-time CKUA listener – and perhaps a donor as well –  we invite you to consider leaving a gift in your will to the CKUA Radio Foundation. Your bequest will ensure that your values will carry on; the generations who follow you will have the opportunity to experience and enjoy many genres of music. Thank you for making CKUA part of your life’s legacy.

What Will Your Legacy Be?

As we mature, we begin to ponder the purpose of our lives and the legacy we will leave behind when we’re gone. When we think of the footprint we’ll leave on this earth, many of us think of the people we love that we’ve left to carry on. Perhaps our children and grandchildren. Perhaps others upon whom we’ve had a deep influence. Some of us choose to extend our legacy of love beyond our immediate known circle. Some choose to include in their legacies people they don’t know – and will never meet. Yet, we make gifts to enrich their lives also. If the idea of such a gift resonates with you, we encourage you to consider a legacy gift to the CKUA Radio Foundation.

Extraordinary Gifts from Everyday People

You may not know this, but there are more than one million Canadians alive today who have chosen to leave bequests to their favourite causes and charities. The legacy gifts that make the news are often the mega-gifts from the super-rich. But, in reality, everyday people are choosing to include important causes in their wills each and every day.

Whether it’s a small percentage of your estate or the residual (leftovers) of your estate, your legacy gift will help ensure a bright future for arts broadcasting in Alberta and around the world.

Want to Know More?

If the idea of a legacy gift to the CKUA Radio Foundation appeals to you, we encourage you to learn more. Please review our Legacy Q&A.

Please talk to those people you rely on to provide you with sound financial planning advice. Your financial planner, accountant or lawyer can probably advise you on how to make an impactful gift that has tax advantages built into it. There are also many available online resources available to you.

To ask more questions, have a conversation or share your own plans, please be in touch:

Kim Kiel, Donor Relations Officer

Direct Line: 780-428-2015 EMAIL: