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People who own stocks, bonds or mutual funds are happy when their investments increase. Unfortunately, when you convert your investment to cash, the capital gain is taxable. By directly donating your publicly listed securities to the CKUA Radio Foundation, you will pay no capital gains tax on their increase in value.

Please consult the Securites Transfer Form. You must submit this form to CKUA and to your investment advisor. We may be unable to issue a tax receipt without this form.

CKUA Radio Foundation will provide you with a charitable tax receipt for the full market value on the day the securities are transferred. We recommend that your securities are transferred no later than December 11, 2015 to ensure the transfer is completed by year-end and you are eligible for a 2015 official receipt for income tax purposes.

For more information, please contact our Fundraising Office at 1-800-494-2582 or

Thank you for supporting CKUA!

We strongly encourage you to seek independent advice when executing gifts of securities, life insurance, Wills, trusts, and other legal agreements.