Sister Rosetta Tharpe (Image: Wikimedia)

This week on RRR, we’ll revisit the very first official all-78 Shellac Shack Shuffle playlist from back in September, 2006.
You’ll hear sides by Wilmoth Houdini & His Royal Calypso Orchestra, McKinney’s Cotton Pickers, Bill Nettles & His Dixie Blue Boys, The Du Droppers, Roy Smeck & His Serenaders, The Farmer Boys, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the Louvin Brothers  and more

It’s kind of like digging out an old compilation cassette, blowing off the cobwebs, listening with fresh ears.

That’s Sunday, August 12th, 1 PM, Mountain, for the first Shellac Shack Shuffle Re-visited on Rooooy’s Record Room, the show with a whole lot of history, like the music it plays.


Twelve years and counting!