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CCR Podcast | Jesse and the Dandelions “Looking at the Sun”

This week’s podcast features two Capital City Records artists, Lindsey Walker, who has her album “Our Glory” is on Lindsey talks about Jesse and the Dandelions and how she loves driving and listening to “Looking at the Sun” along with the whole record “A Mutual Understanding”.


Jesse and the Dandelions is a 4 piece art/space pop band based in Edmonton Alberta, led by Jesse Northey. With Jesse and the Dandelions’ production value through the roof, their new album True Blue (2016) has classic synth and guitar textures that pay respect to the past. You can hear bits and pieces of the 2013 record in the new release.


Since 2011 Lindsey has toured extensively as a solo artist in Canada with half her heart in Alberta, and the other in her hometown of Winnipeg. Lindsey fell in love the band before meeting and getting know Jesse. The Edmonton music scene, which can feel like a big city, is really a small and loving community that has allowed Lindsey to know and love both the band and its leader.