This Saturday, Leeroy Stagger sits down with a old friend and (literal) partner-in-crime, Canadian rocker Sam Roberts.

Aside from near-arrests from their time hanging out in Victoria, the two discuss Sam’s connection to South Africa, where his parents emigrated from months before his birth.

The pair then swap stories about how fatherhood has changed their outlook as artists, causing a massive shift in the kinds of music they create.

“It’s changes all parts of it. What you write about, how you write,” said Roberts, who has three children.

“You’re so heavily invested in the future now, and not necessarily yourself, your own existence…. [but] how will it affect your kids’ lives, what kind of world will they be living in?”

“You’re hypersensitive to every negative thing that creeps into your subconscious.”

He added that while parenthood has much of his attention now, it hasn’t lessened the “fire of ambition” the he and his bandmates still share.

Hear more about that, as well as his thoughts on the shifting landscape for Canadian artists and more in the wide-ranging interview this Saturday at noon MT on The Dirty Windshields Radio Hour.