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Don’t miss TDM’s playlist full of train songs, guaranteed to get things in locomotion.

TDM kicks off November by remembering Wicked Grin.

John Hammond’s 28th studio album came from an unlikely place — the firm belief from both John’s wife Marla  and Kathleen Brennan Tom Waits’ wife  that the musicians should work together. So they did, with Hammond recording 11 of Tom’s songs, while Waits ended up producing the album.

Earlier this year, Hammond got another chance to honour his friend Waits — at a special celebration of the singer  in Vancouver called Wicked Grin. Hosted as always by Steve Dawson, with Hammond ,  Jim Byrnes, David Hidalgo  and Jill Barber among the performers.

TDM then  gathered Hammond, Byrnes and Dawson together and opened up the mics for a discussion about the album and Waits. Tune in for a conversation you won’t want to miss: including the Hammond’s first solo rendition of 2:19!  Ever!

As well, after TDM and Allison Brock brought the CKUA fundraiser train home to the station last week, he’s got a “train song” playlist perfect for the next time you find yourself riding the rails.

Starts with James Brown Live at the Apollo, Gary Comeau, Clapton and Knopfler, Taj, O’Jays and many more.
Catch all of it on Mulligan Stew at 5pm MT this Saturday.