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Chandler Collins

Chandler Collins with ‘Mac’

How did you first come across CKUA?

I came to Calgary originally from Georgia, and I lived for a while in Charleston and New Orleans. My husband was transferred to Calgary and we arrived on Jan. 1, 2014 to snow, no family and friends, and nothing but my Trivoli Radio.  In Georgia I’d volunteered for NPR and so I made it my mission to find something similar here in Canada. I came across CKUA, and my dial hasn’t moved since!

What role does CKUA play in your life?

CKUA was my first friend in Alberta and the announcers became a comfort to me. The music they shared was our common ground. The history behind the music was like having conversations.

What do you think CKUA adds to Alberta culture?

CKUA connects me to Alberta music venues and the music community of Calgary. I was reunited with my love for a legendary pianist, James Booker, who I used to listen to when I lived in New Orleans. Monica Miller let me know of a movie showing in Calgary about him and his music career.

Tell me about your role with CKUA.

I got involved with CKUA as a volunteer in the Fall of 2014. I was listening to the CKUA Fall Fundraiser on air and it sounded like so much fun I had to get involved and join my new friends. I made a call, drove up the next day and had a blast answering the phones at my first CKUA Fundraiser! I started volunteering for CKUA as a Venue Ambassador in Calgary and learned that the Regional Venue Volunteer lead role in the area would be vacant soon. I jumped at the chance to take on this leadership volunteer opportunity. I officially started my new role in Feb. 2015 and have enjoyed interacting with the Calgary CKUA volunteers ever since!

What motivates and inspires you? When you are not volunteering what do you do for fun?

I feel as though it is our duty to give back to the things you love, and I am very committed to doing what I love. Relationships are very important to me; relationships with people, organizations, and music. Often what makes us who we are as people are the relationships we hold with others, and those relationships lead us to other like-minded individuals who share the same interests. I am currently working full-time for the Calgary Folk Festival, and when I am not working or volunteering with CKUA, you can find me exploring what Calgary has to offer and taking in as many music opportunities as I can!

Who’s in your playlist?

War on Drugs, Tillman, Valerie June, David Burn, Sam Cook, Dan Mangen, Wilderness of Manitoba,  Neko Case,  Hydra…