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Each week David Ward sits down over a cup of coffee with a lawyer from Bishop McKenzie, for a chat about specific legal areas. They’ll talk about common questions and reveal insights that can help anyone dealing with legal issues.



(Image: Owen Murray)

    David Ward

    Receiving his earliest lessons from a stack of 45s and an AM radio, David’s musical education didn’t fully blossom until secretly enrolling in CKUA’s total immersion program in the early 1970s.  With a receiver in every room, he began to hear a little bit of everything in the wide world of music: Roy Acuff and the avant-garde, the Old-Disc Jockey and the king of Coull, Wolfgang Amadeus and Steve Reich, the Natch’l Blues and The Mixed Bag.

    Destiny came calling in 1982 when he was invited into the Luckiest-People-In-The-World-Who-Get-To-Work-At-CKUA club.  Since then he’s catalogued records, hosted programs, read the news, rallied the troops, touched the transmitters, raised funds, rebuilt studios, volunteered when the chips were down, and directed personnel and programming.  The latest assignment?  Navigating the weekday Freeway and being part of the team that will launch CKUA’s new studio at the National Music Centre in Calgary in September 2016.