"it just might be your most fulfilling meal of the day"

Host: Grant Stovel
6am-9am MT Weekdays

Morning is a unique time of day. For some it’s when they feel the brightest, most well rested and down right perky, for others it’s more a case of slowly wiping away the haze of sleep as you ease on into your day. Whatever your unique disposition, Alberta Morning may just be the perfect elixir to get your weekday off to a great start!



Grant Stovel

It’s a little hard for me to believe that it’s been a little over a decade since I first had the pleasure of taking to CKUA’s hallowed airwaves—it has all gone by in a bit of a blur! That’s because it has been such a thrill—partly because a lot has happened and partly because sleep deprivation has played a large role in things…

I started off in the wee small hours, hosting CKUA’s old Overnight show once or twice a week, giving a much-needed night off to our main Overnight guy at the time, the one and only Baba. Yup, he started off on the graveyard shift too! In fact, we both got our respective feet wet in radio at CJSR, the University of Alberta’s campus station. I still volunteer there, as a matter of fact, co-hosting the weekly Wednesday evening blues show.

After the free-wheeling feeling of the eclectic Overnight show, I also began hosting a variety of different programs of new independent music, with a focus on Albertan and Canadian music—spinning new releases and presenting live performances on-air. It has been a ton of fun showcasing independent sounds on shows like Notes from Home, Alberta Backstage, and more recently on TransCanada Music West.

In mid-2014, I somehow ended up as the host of CKUA’s early morning show! I’m still not totally sure how that happened. I mean, I’m the most nocturnal person that I know! But these days, I really love getting up long before dawn breaks, trying to find music that will make people want to get up and about, rather than hit snooze and roll back over.

Oh, yeah—and plus, you can throw in the fact that I’ve been a drummer all along too! Playing in a bunch of different blues, roots and rock’n’roll settings for the past couple of decades, here in Alberta and abroad. So, it’s pretty much music all day and all night.

Whether I’ve been staying up crazy-late or getting up crazy-early, it has been a huge pleasure making radio with the CKUA Radio Network. Sharing this radio station with the incredible folks that listen to it has been an immense thrill and a bit of a blur, as I said. Thank you for joining me on the ride.