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Food! We eat it, we prepare it, we talk about it and we can’t live without it. Looking for a way to make your food experiences even better? CKUA and PF Custom Countertops in Edmonton bring you Alberta Kitchen where we share techniques, tools and ingredients chefs and producers from across the province.


Episode 1: The Key To Cooking Duck – Render the Fat

with Chef Paul Shufelt from Workshop Eatery, Edmonton

Bonus Tip: Save the rendered fat and use it to pan fry baby potatoes that have been halved and boiled until just tender. Try fingerling or blue potatoes from your local market.

Episode 2: Turn your barbecue into a DIY smoker

with Chef Ryan O’Flynn from The Guild, Calgary

Bonus tip:  If you want a really thick black crust on your brisket use Cherrywood!

Episode 3: Bold & Bright Beet Soup

Chef Eden Hrabec from Crazyweed, Canmore

Bonus tip: Experiment with flavours in your beet soup. At Crazyweed, Chef Hrabec makes her stock with lemongrass, cilantro, lime zest, coconut cream and curry paste for an Asian kick.

Episode 4: Preserve Your Herbs

Chef Steven Brochu of Chartier in Beaumont

Episode 5: Don’t Waste the Whey!

Chef Lindsay Porter of Woodwork in Edmonton

Bonus tip: If you make your own almond milk, dry out the strained pulp on a baking sheet and you’ve got homemade almond meal.

Episode 6: Making Your Mustard

Chef Shane Chartrand of the River Cree Resort & Casino in Enoch

Bonus tip: Flavour your homemade mustard with herbs and spices to pair it with any dish.

Episode 7: Keeping Fries Crispy

Chef Rieley Kay of Cilantro and Chive in Lacombe

Bonus tip: Flavour your homemade mustard with herbs and spices to pair it with any dish.

Episode 8: The King of Cheeses – Time to Step Up Your Game!

Chef Robert Jewell of Double Zero in Calgary

Bonus tip: If you’re looking for restaurant style shaved Parmesan, use your vegetable peeler to get the nice thin ribbons of cheese.

Episode 9: Getting the Gritty Out of Gluten Free

Chef Kerry Bennett of Care Bakery in Calgary

Episode 10: How Well Do You Know Your Fish

Rob Tryon of Effing Seafoods in Edmonton

Episode 11: The Best Basmati? Think pasta!

Selva Naidoo from Narayanni’s in Edmonton

Episode 12: When is Jam HAPPY Jam!?

Sam Berthelet-Down from Mitchell’s Café in Fort McMurray

Episode 13: Alberta-grown Carrots Rule!

Jenny Birkenbosch of Sundog Organic Farm, 45 min NW of Edmonton

Episode 14: Salt the Mountain (not a Mountain of Salt)

Chef Doreen Prei of Get Cooking Edmonton

Episode 15: Look sharp!

Kevin Kent of Knifewear in Edmonton and Calgary (and beyond)

Episode 16: Cooking under pressure? No problem with a sous vide!

Chef Tony Krause of Revel Bistro & Bar in Edmonton

Episode 17: Get Knowledgeable About Gnocchi

Teresa Spinelli of Italian Centre Shops in Edmonton and Calgary

Episode 18: Making Your Steak Sizzle

Corey Meyer from Acme Meat Market in Edmonton

Episode 19: Sloooooow Roasting a Pork Shoulder

Chef Theo Psalios from Little Village in Edmonton

Episode 20: Moist Turkey…Gluten-Free Dressing

Chef Lisa McSween of Upper Crust Café in Edmonton

Episode 21: The Place Where Gluten-Free and Delicious Crepes Meet

Chef Kerry Bennett of Care Bakery Care Bakery in Calgary

Episode 22: Dairy Free Druthers

Ev Foley of The Coup in Calgary

Episode 23: Play by the Baking Rules

Chef Maggie Britton of Mitchell’s Café in Fort McMurray


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