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Host: Cheryl Croucher

Aboriginal success stories are at the heart of a new series of short radio stories on CKUA. People from the aboriginal community are interviewed about their work, their perspectives, their passions, their successes.

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Cheryl Croucher

Cheryl’s career so far has been quite diverse, encompassing the world of politics, music, the environment and, of course, radio.

Born and raised in Alberta, Cheryl started off with a degree in Political Science from the University of Alberta. From there she went to CBC where she produced and hosted a nationally syndicated program of consumer commentaries. CBC also gave her the opportunity to do environmental commentary, traffic and research. It was a wonderful experience, but in 1993, Cheryl left to pursue her own freelance career. Now, she produces videos under her own production company, Porcupine Stone Productions.

Cheryl is very devoted to the environment. For a year and a half she wrote and produced the popular EcoFile with David Dodge. She has also volunteered for the Canada Trust Friends of the Environment Board, Alberta Pacific Forest Management Task Force and for the Environment Council of Alberta’s Task Force on Waste Management. Cheryl continues to contribute many evenings to giving speeches, workshops and classes on environmental issues. In addition, she sits on EPCOR’s Water Advisory Committee and is a judge for the Emerald Awards.

Her life outside her work is very full. Cheryl has two daughters, two dogs and a cat. She loves to garden, compose music for her own videos and spend time with her children. Oh, and of course, she recycles!