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Exciting Changes in the Rapidly Cooling Air

Autumn is rolling in, with its darker nights and chilly breezes. Does it make you feel a touch melancholic? Never fear! We are heating things up and brightening your fall season with a crop of fresh programming. Calgary’s resident reggae expert Leo Cripps introduces Journeys – an eclectic mix that goes way beyond the Caribbean. Hayley Muir and Matt Masters trade places, while Kodi Hutchinson finds a new and improved Time for Jazz. Read all about these exciting changes and more!

Hayley Muir & Matt Masters, pictured at the Calgary Foundation CKUA Studio, are swapping noon hour and drive time spots

 Reggae Wild

Kodi Hutchinson (left) is taking A Time For Jazz to Thursday nights, while Calgary’s Leo Cripps joins CKUA with a new show, Journeys, on Saturday afternoons.

Get ready to fall for our newest host, Leo Cripps! The founder of Calgary’s ReggaeFest and long-time host of Carribean LinkUp on CJSW Radio, Leo has been bringing music from the Caribbean and beyond to Albertans for over 25 years. He’s an expert and utter enthusiast that is thrilled to share his passion with the CKUA community. Journeys will be brightening up our Saturdays, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., between the Dirty Windshields Radio Hour and Natch’l Blues. Learn more about Leo’s musical journey from Jamaica to Canada, to the CKUA airwaves.

 Festivals Galore!

Alberta Morning host Grant Stovel at the Bear Creek Folk Festival with CKUA fans sporting handmade visors

Summer festivals may be behind us, but we’re still basking in the glow. From interviewing Shovels and Rope from a nursery in Medicine Hat to dancing in the rain with Michael Franti to a smoky twilight hour with Sam Baker, memories were made with the CKUA mobile broadcast crews. The best part? Connecting with you, our fans in communities across the province. Here’s to those of you who braved the intense Alberta weather to take in world-class music and those who tuned into our coverage of 16 festivals just to get a taste.Check out this year’s highlights to hang onto those summer vibes just a little longer.

 CKUA Top 5 for September

From singing in Central Park and the New York City subway, to signing with JAY-Z, 23-year-old Victory Boyd tops the CKUA chart for September. Often compared to artists like Tracy Chapman, Roberta Flack, and Nina Simone, this soulful and sublime singer-songwriter infuses her music with a style that is uniquely her own. Victory’s music has been described as a fusion of soul and folk, while bringing an indescribable spiritual depth and a youthful interpretation of sound. Rooted in jazz tradition, Victory colours many of her musical arrangements with rich jazz chords. Watch the video, “Open Your Eyes” from her debut album, The Broken Instrument.

1. Victory – The Broken Instrument (RocNation)
2. Arthur Buck – Arthur Buck (New West)
3. John Wort Hannam – Acres of Elbow Room (Independent)
4. Jill Barber – Metaphora (Outside)
5. River Whyless – Kindness, A Rebel (Roll Call)

 CKUA : The Secret to Better Tomatoes

You might not expect top-notch tomatoes to be one of the benefits of listening to CKUA. However, Greg Skeith, a long-time listener and Leadership donor, says that CKUA has enhanced his life in various ways, including a remarkable improvement in his tomato-growing abilities.

As a kid, Greg remembers finding CKUA on the radio one evening and hearing “Cosmic Debris” by Frank Zappa. He ran out to get the album – he still has it – and has been listening to CKUA ever since. For Greg, CKUA is on all the time, and everywhere: in his house, in the woodworking shop, in his car, in his garage, and even in his tractor. He appreciates that songs are seldom repeated, and that he learns so much from listening to the hosts.

In fact, Greg credits his prize-winning tomatoes to CKUA. He heard that music helps plants to grow, and knows for a fact that this is true. He said CKUA has been in the greenhouse constantly since it was being built. “My tomatoes are so good because Baba talks to them,” explains Greg.

Who are Leadership donors? CKUA Leadership donors jump in and take the lead to create the Double-Your-Dollars pool of funds used to match donations during our fundraiser. One of the benefits of being a CKUA Leadership donor is receiving donated hours of programming, where you can connect with your favourite host, make song requests and have the option to dedicate an hour of programming for a special occasion or special person.

For more information on the CKUA Leadership program, contact Lesley McMillan, 780-428-2028.

 CKUA Volunteer Corner with Maureen Cooper

CKUA Volunteers Darren & Maureen Cooper at the Calgary Folk Fest with their creation, and CKUA’s newest mascot, Poncho Amarillo

You may have heard CKUA broadcasting from a record number of festivals this summer, but did you know CKUA volunteers shared the love at 32 events spanning the entire province? Meet Maureen, a retired audio/visual professional and CKUA listener since 1981, when she heard Clifton Chenier, the ‘King of the Bayou,’ playing on the radio as she was hanging her Venetian blinds. Maureen was around during the ‘dark days’ in 1997, and enjoys any show Lionel does.

Hear why Maureen enjoys being a volunteer venue ambassador, and what CKUA means to her and her
husband Darren.

 Fall Fundraiser: Call for Volunteers

Are you a Data Ninja? Nerdy about Numbers? Love to volunteer? If so, CKUA needs you and your skills to help us manage donation data at our upcoming Fall Fundraiser, October 18-28.

Fill out a volunteer application today and be sure to note your interest in fundraiser Data Management when applying.

Your dedication, generosity and enthusiasm make independent radio possible.

 Good Day Sunshine, we’ll see you next year!

This Beatles song was the first live performance for the crew of Expedition 12 in 2005. It was the first live musical performance broadcast in space!

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