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Fall Fundraiser: October 18 – 28

Once again, the CKUA family has proven that You Get It. You get the need to invest in original radio. You get the need to shine the spotlight on superb artists. You get the importance of supporting arts and culture, and building a rich community of music lovers in Alberta and across the world. You know how much it means to you, and you know exactly how much it enhances life in your home, town, and province.

Your generosity, dedication and enthusiasm made another successful fundraiser, raising a total of $573,494. Thank you for everything you do to make CKUA possible. To the 887 listeners who donated for the first time – welcome to the family!

This fall, 2150 donors doubled their dollars thanks to Leadership donors like Brian Jack and Rudy & Chris Hrynkiw.

Brian’s timely donation won him the Leadership Early Bird Prize. He’s now enjoying an immersive listening experience with wireless active noise cancelling HD headphones generously supplied by Dwyre Financial Services. Brian says CKUA is a “unique radio station that has every musical taste you can cater to; it’s something you just don’t hear anywhere else.”

Winners of the Leadership Grand Prize, Rudy & Chris say they like to encourage others to support this worthwhile station that gives a voice to a huge variety of artists. Our partners at Road 13 Vineyards share that sentiment and provided a little encouragement of their own – six bottles of world-class Okanagan wine. Happy sipping Hrynkiw family!

For a full list of Leadership Donors, head over here.

Spinning from the Vault at the Alberta Block

Curious about CKUA’s legendary collection of vinyl? Now is your chance to get a taste of it over your lunch hour.

A new Edmonton restaurant and live music venue, Station on Jasper, is located in Alberta Block – the building that CKUA called home for 54 years. Our famous music library lived and grew there. Though CKUA moved down the street to the historic Alberta Hotel in 2012, some carefully chosen records from our library now get to visit their old stomping grounds for CKUA Spins from the Vault.Every Tuesday to Friday, Station on Jasper will be spinning albums from the mighty CKUA vinyl library over the noon hour. Enjoy selections from Station staff, CKUA hosts, musicians and more, or suggest an album yourself.

If you are looking to satisfy your appetite with great food and your soul with great music over the lunch hour, check out Station on Jasper!

The Life of a Library

CKUA’s legendary library could keep a music nerd happy for a lifetime – 140 years of audio history is a lot to peruse. The library’s endless shelves store the network’s collection, one that epitomizes the word ‘eclectic’ – everything from recordings sent to buck up the American troops building the Alaska Highway to Dan Mangan’s latest release. Though it’s now housed in stately fashion in the basement of Edmonton’s historic Alberta Hotel, for decades the CKUA library lived, in quite creative fashion, down the street on various floors of Alberta Block. Read more about this rich musical resource and heart of CKUA.

CKUA Top 5 for November

Living, breathing and encompassing the blues, Kat Danser’s fifth album, Goin’ Gone, rumbles and rolls to the top of the CKUA chart for November. A collaboration between Danser and Juno-award winning producer Steve Dawson, this album celebrates her passion for the roots of blues music and her academic achievements – she is now officially Dr. Kat Danser, receiving a PhD in Ethnomusicology. Watch Danser’s inspired vocals, lyrical brilliance and instrumental prowess coalesce in this memorable live performance of “My Mama Do” from 2011. It’s an oldie, but a goodie!

1.  Kat Danser – Goin’ Gone (Black Hen)
2.  Joe Nolan – Cry Baby (Independent
3.  Major Love –  Major Love (Latent)
4.  Dan Mangan –  More or Less (Arts & Crafts)
5.  T. Buckley –  Miles We Put Behind (Independent)

Joy in the World

CKUA Volunteer Emily Wright next to her incredible “doodles” during Fall Fundraiser

CKUA volunteers are extraordinary human beings, there’s no doubt. Beyond their generosity and commitment to keeping high-quality radio accessible to all, they’re also a terrifically fun and creative bunch. Recent case in point: Emily Wright.

Volunteering at CKUA for her first time during our Fall Fundraiser, this music-loving Edmontonian (you should hear her voicemail greeting, it’s all done in song,) not only gave of her time and energy, she gave of her art. When she had free moments between fielding calls from donors, Emily put pen to paper and created what she calls “doodles,” but what the rest of us would more likely call “beautiful sketches.”

Someone noticed them and posted the drawings –depicting lovely nature landscapes – on a pole in the volunteer area.

“It was great, they brightened up that space,” says CKUA volunteer manager Breanne Coffill. “I heard comments from other volunteers that they looked forward to coming in each day to see if there was a new sketch there.”

Emily, for her part, says she was just tickled that someone put them up on display. “I like to create art just to put joy into the world, to put something beautiful out there,” she says.

An illustrator and graphic designer by trade, Emily says that she was drawn to volunteering at CKUA because she enjoys the station. She is also seeking work experience in the radio field. After her Fundraiser experience, she said she hopes to come back regularly. “I love the environment here,” she says. “It’s so welcoming and creative.”

As for the CKUA team, we just want to say a big thank you to our new, creative volunteer. Emily, we love having you – and your art – in our environment.

If you’d like to see more of this excellent CKUA volunteer’s work, find her on social media under @ModPaws.

A Moment of Contemplation

November brings a time to slow down, sit in silence, and remember. A time to breathe and reminisce, as we reflect on our lives and all we have. This is a time to practice gratitude.

We are grateful for those who have stood beside CKUA through the good times and the bad. Through thick and thin you have been there, showing up every month. You have brought us to this moment and we can’t thank you enough for that.

To show our appreciation, we offer prizes to all monthly donors and this month is no exception. You can find out more about these prizes, plus learn how you can become a monthly donor, here.

Find out who won the monthly prizes provided by Chianti’s Cafe, ZINC Restaurant/Catering, Blush Lane Organic Market, Art Gallery of Alberta, Acquired Taste Tea Company and Parkland Garden Centre.

Congratulations to our prize winners; thank you to our tremendous sponsors, and our outstanding monthly donors!

CKUA Live at the Canadian Folk Music Awards

Make sure you tune in for two special live broadcasts showcasing the Canadian Folk Music Awards on Friday, November 30 and Sunday, December 2. Andy Donnelly will be hosting The Celtic Show live from SAIT on Friday, November 30 between 6pm and 8pm, with musicians and guests. Don’t miss Tom Coxsworth on Sunday morning, December 2, between 10am and noon as he hosts a wrap-up session live from our Calgary Foundation CKUA Studio.