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Dear Baba,

Hello. My name is Olivia and I am 12 years old. I’ve been learning Spanish ever since I was in first grade. Naturally, my parents have been trying to make me listen to Spanish music. I’ve really tried to enjoy it, but I’ve always gotten bored because I couldn’t understand the lyrics.

Just last Christmas, my mom got me a CD of this Ecuadorian band called Sarazino. Once I started listening to them, I was totally amazed! You don’t even have to understand the lyrics to fall in love with them! Their music is so catchy with really cool beats. In a few of their songs they have electric guitar solos and ambulance sounds.

Just like most bands, some of their songs are better than others. My favourite ones are: Cochabamba, Nadia and Desbaratado. I would really appreciate it if you played some of Sarazino’s music.

Thanks for reading this letter!

From, Olivia.

P.S: My parents are CKUA donors. My whole family loves CKUA! CKUA is how I discovered and started to love Michael Franti at age 8. You guys are a radio station like no other!


Hello Olivia,

It was such a delight to find music of ‘Sarazino’ yesterday, and then to share it with the wide world of CKUA.

Your email is a testimony of what CKUA is and can be even more so, ever expanding and inclusive. Much honoured to have you and your family as our listeners and friends.

Thank you, and I do hope we keep in touch, maybe one of these days you will have some of your own music to share on the air waves …CKUA is here for all of us…