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Get a sense of our music preferences, and if you feel your music would fit CKUA, then please send it our way.

CKUA is Alberta’s cultural network that celebrates music, engages communities and makes life worth listening – and we love supporting local musicians! Send us your albums or EPs (rather than singles). If you feel that your music would suit a particular show, feel free to send an additional copy to that show’s announcer.

Mail Submissions

We accept CD’s, EP’s, and LP’s, preferably with a one sheet with information about the artist, release, and all other relevant information (include your website on it, too!).

Music Coordinator
CKUA Radio Network
Music Coordinator
9804 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 0C5

Digital Submissions

We accept digital submissions;

downloads with 320kbps MP3 files are best preferably using a download link to send music, such as Bandcamp, Dropbox, DMDS, or Play MPE.

Please email digital submissions to

Things to Consider

CKUA does not air music that contains obscene lyrics. Clean or radio edits are greatly appreciated! If they are not available, we ask that albums sent that feature questionable language has a clear indication of which songs contain obscenities.

What happens next?

Music submissions are reviewed by the Music Coordinator and Music Committee; if added to the CKUA Music Library, the album will be made available to our hosts. To follow up on a release, please email two weeks or more after submission. Please use that email for any other submission related questions!

Thank you for listening and we hope you hear your own tracks soon!