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Dan in Mexico

I now live about 6 months of the year in Mexico and I listen to CKUA, The Best Radio on the Internet. Sometimes, though, I do listen to the local public radio station, to help with my Spanish comprehension. It is a pleasant coincidence that the call numbers are 96.9, the same as those for CKUA, The Best Radio, in Peace River.

Oaxaca is a city of about 350 000 people in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico . The city is situated in a valley which floor is about 1750 metres above sea level. A ‘colonial’ city, it is the home from which two of the nation’s well know presidents came.

Born in a pueblo near Oaxaca City and formally educated in Oaxaca , Benito Juarez was the first indigenous person to become president of the country. He is recognised as having introduced the first bill of rights for his people, reducing the degree of authority held by the Church and generally improving the lives of the indigenous people which was by far the majority of Mexicans. It is likely that almost every town and city has a street named after him. The international airport in Mexico City also bears his name.

Porfiro Diaz was also a president of Mexico and was born in the city of Oaxaca . However, it is unlikely that there are many streets outside of this city which are named after him. His reputation was less honourable than that of Senor Juarez. In fact, he is known for undoing much of what Benito Juarez had done. Both governed in the mid 1800’s.

Monte Alban is a city in ruins which was constructed around 500 BC and was the capital of the Zapotec people for almost one thousand years. It is about 6km for the City of Oaxaca . Beautiful!

Best regards and que te vaya bien.