An adventure seeker, a poker player, and mysterious stranger, Petunia has been mesmerizing and mystifying audiences across Canada for years with his avant-garde, rockabilly-noir style. Petunia has always been a rather shadowy figure on the Canadian music scene and we’re pretty sure he liked it that way. Recently, through the community-powered funding program called Storyhive, a mini-documentary has been produced that tells us much more about Petunia that we’ve ever known. It’s called A Singing Piece of Licorice:  The story of Canada’s rambling, yodeling Petunia. (Produced by Laura Combden & Aaron Bernakevitch) For peek behind the Petunia mask, check it out here:

Petunia has also taken his first plunge into the world of television and acting. In production is a music-driven, web based series called The Musicianer by acclaimed director Beth Harrington and starring Petunia in various time-shifting roles.

Petunia’s music – solo, duo, with his band The Loons, and now The Vipers – is a crazy quilt of everything from yodeling and western swing, to honky-tonk and boogie and rockabilly, travelling across North American to Eastern Europe, West Africa and beyond. A new Petunia album can be a little like opening a box of assorted chocolates, without the legend to tell you in advance what your taste buds are about to encounter. What musical influences have informed that tastes of Petunia himself? That’s what this week’s Mixtape – along with a few good stories – is all about.