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Troy, Doris and Jasmine (Image: Troy Johnston)

Troy, Doris and Jasmine (Image: Troy Johnston)

So where do I begin with the story of how I found CKUA, and how it has changed me for the better?

It was 2006 when I moved to Grande Prairie. I was coming from a world of stress and dissatisfaction and I just wanted to curl into a ball and hide in a dark hole forever. I found a job painting, and one day at work I was scrolling though the radio dial and landed upon a cool song. From that song on I have never changed the dial! At every job I have had since then, I change radio stations to CKUA. I promote the station to everyone I know, and the people that have started listening all say the same thing: CKUA brings a sense of peace to their days.

I can say that my mind and my soul are better thanks to CKUA. I love everything about the station and every program. They have taught me to appreciate symphony and jazz! I love Baba, The Road Home, Friday Night Blues Party and Natch’l Blues, Wide-Cut Country, In the Pines and all the rest. My wife loves Roy Forbes and Lionel Rault. So in closing, thank you, CKUA, for being on the air and thank you for being the best you can be and thank you for saving me from the monotony that is every other radio station and for always playing something that puts a smile on my face or a jig in my step ?.


Troy Johnston aka: Donor for Life.