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Photo: Richard and Brenda Radu

Photo: Richard and Brenda Radu

“My first encounter with CKUA came about in the mid-1990s, after I commented to a co-worker that if I heard another guitar solo on the radio that day I’d go nuts. My co-worker, Jerry, suggested that I check out CKUA, as it was like no other radio station on the airwaves. At first I thought that he was exaggerating, but once I tuned in, I quickly realized that his assessment was spot-on and I became an instant fan. I now consider Allison, Terry, Grant, Baba, the whole CKUA family, and the music and light they bring to my life an essential, non-negotiable part of who I am.

To this day I still remember turning on the radio in March of 1997 and the empty feeling I got when there was nothing on but blank air. Fortunately, many deeply committed individuals brought the station back from the brink – but that jolt was what it took for me to start supporting the station, and I have since become a regular supporter via on-going monthly donations. I urge all listeners to support this great station during the fundraisers – get in for your chance at some great prizes, but more importantly, let’s support the station so that future generations will have the same opportunity to experience the amazing variety of CKUA’s musical spectrum. Thanks for listening.”

We’re so grateful Richard is part of our CKUA family. If you share Richard’s feelings about CKUA, we invite you to consider following his example, and becoming a monthly donor today. Thanks, Richard!