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Willa and Gordon Meyers

Willa and Gordon Meyers

It’s one of the most eagerly anticipated moments in the fundraiser – Double Your Dollars! And these intervals are made possible by a team of generous Leadership donors. Gordon and Willa Meyers from Grande Prairie are two of those Leadership donors, and they also happen to be the winners of the Spring Fundraiser Leadership Donor prize! They take home 6 bottles of top-of-the-line wine, courtesy of Road 13 Vineyards, along with 30 CDs.

A classical musician and teacher, Willa has been listening to CKUA since the early 90s, when a student’s mother told her that “if you give them $25 CKUA will play a request”. Willa’s favourite programs are Saturday Breakfast, Sunday Breakfast, and Classic Examples. She says she appreciates how hosts Orest Soltykevych and Mark Antonelli educate listeners on the artists, composers, political times, and history of the music on their programs.

Their family moved from Montreal to Grande Prairie when Gordon accepted a position as Assistant Dean at Grande Prairie College. Since then, two of their daughters have become professional violinists, and Willa has taught students for 40 years in her home piano studio. She always encouraged her students to wake up early on the weekend and put on CKUA, to hear Orest play and talk about the music.  She says it was heartwarming when a young student told her he made a donation to CKUA.

Thanks to Gordon and Willa Meyers, and the many other Leadership donors, whose donations make a significant impact on the success of CKUA’s fundraisers.