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Marilyn Hooper

Marilyn Hooper

1. Why CKUA? What is it about CKUA that compels you to volunteer?
Because I feel like it is my station.

2. How did you first come across CKUA?
Accidentally one evening many many years ago as I was spinning the dial looking for something interesting.

3. What role does CKUA play in your life?
I rely on it for my musical edification.  I want to know as much as I can about the musicians playing the music I like.  Who were their influences?  What is their musical genealogy? Who is playing in their band? CKUA announcers give me all that information and more.

4. Do others in your circle of family or friends listen?
Absolutely.  One wonderful camping trip with a group of friends and family this past Fall down in the HooDoos, we circled our cars, opened up the car doors and tuned into Baba’s Grooves while we cooked our supper. The sound was as spectacular as the scenery.

5. What keeps you listening?
All of the above 🙂

6. Have you had any musical discoveries courtesy of CKUA?
Oh so many.  The one that stopped me dead in my tracks was Eva Cassidy compliments of Bill Coull.

7. Do you think CKUA adds something to Alberta culture?
Absolutely.  The support that the station gives to local artists is untouchable.  CKUA is very much part of the Alberta arts scene.

8. Do you volunteer anywhere else? Is there something different about CKUA?
Yes, no matter where I go, if you meet someone and discover that they listen to CKUA, you are guaranteed of a great conversation and a good connection.

9. Can you describe why volunteering is important – both for you and for recipients of your help?
To keep CKUA here and vibrant.It gives so much to my quality of life. Because I never want it to go away again like it did a few years back….

10. Do you have any favourite campaign anecdotes?
Yes – late one evening a gentleman called ( he may have had a few glasses of wine)  to pledge $50 and he wanted to hear “You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Lucille”.  The song was played and the gentleman called back saying “I’ll give you another 50 bucks if you play it again”.  Oh, and another time I wrote a letter to Paste Magazine encouraging readers to check out our fabulous jewel of a station and some guy in the U.S. read it , tuned in during the campaign and sent in some dough!

Do you have any other thoughts you’d like to share with us?
I love answering the phones.  My  daily job requires that I listen to complaints pretty much all day every day and it is wonderful to hear the happy voices on the other end of the phone at CKUA because people are calling to express their appreciation, love and pride for their station and to give us money for something that they could get for free…that’s pretty impressive.