You just know innovation when you see it. It can be based on all previous versions, but you know by its style that it is new and different.  I felt this way when I listened to Dustbowl Revival’s latest album.

Based on the name and history of the band, I expected a band that was covering the classic Americana songbook yet again, but this jumped out at me as something different. The eight-member band has built upon that deep history but brings in a more soulful, funky side that exudes deep emotions and taps a more modern vibe.

The song “Busted” has slinky jazz vocals but mixes traditional American music styles, like the blast of R&B horns with inventive touches such as a mandolin plucked like a hip-hop inspired piano, and the upright bass and fiddle played through wah-wah pedals.  And this is all done in a joyous sounding way.

Other songs on the album jump all over with different sounds, but always rooted with a great Americana feel.  This is an album and a band that I will be listening to quite a bit – enjoy them and your summer!

– The Mad Ripper