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David in Erith London
We met David when he asked us this:

I’m looking identify a song by, I believe, a Canadian folk artist. It’s from the 1970s. I have a digital recording of it. Could I send it to you to pass on to someone who might know about these things, or should I send it directly to some else there who could help? Believe it or not, I recorded it from, I believe, CKUA, all those years ago, too! I have googled it all over the place, with no luck — am none the wiser.

Our own Brian Dunsmore replied:

Pete White’s song sung by Paul Hann on Paul’s (I think) first album

What do I win?

O and it’s called Workin’ Up the Line…

And David responded:

The prize is a round or two for you and Brian at yer favourite pub in ‘the ‘Chuck’ if I get there for my annual ski holiday in April…failing this, a round at MY favourite pub here in London, should you get here for any reason whatsoever, should you actually need one.