Come hang out with us in Calgary! On Saturday, Oct. 21st we’re hosting a fundraiser first —  open house at our Calgary Foundation CKUA Studio. Come join us for a day of fundraiser fun, special surprise guests and maybe a live performance or two. And, of course, visit with your favourite CKUA hosts and check out our new batch of fall merch while you’re there!


10:00 am – Allison Brock & Terry David Mulligan

12:00 pm – Leeroy Stagger

1:00pm – David Ward & Kevin Wilson

3:00pm – Holger Petersen & Cam Hayden

5:00pm – Baba & Allison Brock

7:00pm – Lionel Rault & Kevin Wilson

9:00pm  – Lisa Wilton & Brooke Wylie

We hope to see you at the west block of Studio Bell at 851 4 Street SE. Comfy lounge seating, coffee and cookies all provided by our generous sponsors: