This week’s Mulligan Stew has two great guests at different points at their musical careers: one exciting up-and-coming, the other a beloved household name.

First up, Terry David Mulligan is joined by Jesse Roper. The BC blues musician has just put out his third album, Access to Infinity, a release that highlights his songwriting skills, mastery of the guitar and a unique voice.

As TDM puts it:

If you stick around the music business long enough you get a sixth sense about certain artists..and all my bones tell me Jesse Roper will be a star very soon.

The two will talk about the new album and Jesse’s rising profile.

On the topic of high-profile, the one-and-only Jim Cuddy will join TDM in the second hour. As the co-founder of Blue Rodeo and with a fourth solo album released this week, he’s reached a level that few Canadian musicians can claim.

Tune in for an in-depth discussion about the new album, Constellation, where Jim will take us through the music and what went in to each song.  Catch it at 5pm MT Saturday on Mulligan Stew.