Jean Harriman

Jean Harriman

1.Why CKUA?
Many reasons:
a. MAIN one: I’ve lived in rural Alberta where the radio choices have been very limited and CKUA was always there with quality programming (personally, I can only listen to limited amounts of guitar twanging).
b. I always volunteer for something and the past few years I’ve been helping so many groups that have made me sad…. that it is time to do one that cheers people up.

2. How did you first come across CKUA?
It’s always been there. Having been raised in rural Alberta, it started out as the ‘default’ station when the others couldn’t be picked up on the radio dial… when driving the truck to the field or driving for 4 hours down Highway #9 to Alsask or living in Olds, where radio reception was lousy in the 70’s.

3. What role does CKUA play in your life?
Stability! It’s a stable, quality entity (like the healthy old aunty that you want to live on forever).

4. Do others in your circle of family or friends listen?
YES!! Many of my friends listen and I’m finding that my children are tuning in more as they mature.

5. What keeps you listening?
The variety, the announcers, the underlying optimistic mood…. (maybe it is vibes from the ‘ghost’).

6. Any musical discoveries courtesy of CKUA?
Always – I am not good at music identification/recognition – so I trust others, and CKUA always pleases my ear.

7. Do you think CKUA adds something to Alberta culture?
YES, YES, YES!! So many awesome artists would not have had a start if they hadn’t had their first opportunity on the CKUA airwaves. Whenever I go to the Folk Festivals and hear an artist announce that they got their first exposure on CKUA, I feel so proud to know that.

8. Do you volunteer anywhere else? Is there something different about CKUA?
My volunteering (during the past few years) has been for disadvantaged and sad children’s situations. Zebra, YESS, Terra Assoc.

9.Can you describe why volunteering is important – both for you and for recipients of your help?
Positive reinforcement of humanity (faith hope and charity). Since the news only depicts the gloom/doom side of our world – I need to experience otherwise…. fortify my soul.

10. Any favourite campaign anecdotes?
Not yet…..