This week on Mixtape (Wednesday evening at 7) we invite you to meet Simone Schmidt, founding member of the much-loved Toronto “cosmic country / psych rock” band The Highest Order. And before that, front person and songwriter for the country band One Hundred Dollars. But wait – that’s not all!
She has also made two full-length recordings under the moniker of Fiver, the most recent being a remarkable project called Audible Songs From Rockwood. A series of eleven fictional field recordings, gathered from case files of patients at the Rockwood Asylum for the Criminally Insane in Kingston, Ontario in the mid-late 19th century. The depth of research and insight reflected in this album is stunning. The project’s essential question? “What would these women say for themselves, if anyone had ever asked them?”
This video offers a look into Simone Schmidt’s process in researching Audible Songs From Rockwood:  


As we explore Simone Schmidt’s influences, inspirations and musical discoveries over the course of this hour, we encounter an inspiring woman: thoughtful, committed to her craft, dedicated to understanding where she fits in our broader social history, along with an all ‘round independent spirit.

Simone’s playlist also included:

Liam McIvor – “Should I Be Forced To Name It Further”
Dillard and Clark – “Train Leaves Here This Morning”