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Orest SoltykevychCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra / Gavin Sutherland, “David Fanshawe: Serenata: Mother & Child”

David Fanshawe was an English composer and a passionate musicologist, who passed away in 2010. When he was in his late 20s, he travelled throughout Africa recording hundreds of hours of music that he had heard. This is a miniature that he wrote in 2002 which features the clarinet and marimba. He dedicated this piece to his mother.

Bob ChelmickJosh Ritter (with Bob Weir), “When Will I Be Changed?”

Josh had this song, but could not lay it down to his satisfaction. Then Grateful Dead co-founder and poet Bob Weir entered the picture. It turned out like an metaphysical anthem. How to find ‘your higher self’?

Cathy EnnisBrenda Navarette, “Taita Bilongo”

Afro-Cuban Latin jazz. What’s not to love about those warm rhythms? Brenda Navarette is a singer-songwriter-percussionist from Cuba and her debut solo album, though short – just over 37 minutes – is exquisite! Taita Bilongo is just one of several stand-out tracks.

BabaTommy Emmanuel feat. J.D. Simo, “(Sittin’ On) Dock of The Bay”

A loving tribute to Otis Redding by the sublime Mr. Tommy Emmanuel. It’s got the groove without losing the delicate nature of the song…

Meg WilcoxThe Bros. Landreth, “If I Had A Boat”

The brothers lend their dulcet tones to a Lyle Lovett classic — what’s not to love?

Allison BrockThe Western Centuries, “Wild You Run”

The label gave me this track to spin on Wide Cut Country as a Canadian Premiere well ahead of the band’s sophomore album release. “Songs From The Deluge” doesn’t hit the streets until April 6th, but having heard the full album stream it is already on the way to being a 2018 favourite for me. Western Centuries’ debut album “Weight Of The World” was in my Top 3 in 2016. Cahalen Morrison’s voice is gritty and true and the top-notch band wraps around it perfectly.

Mark AntonelliThe Mirecourt Trio, “Winter from the Piano Trio #1 by Rick Sowash”

An evocative and appropriately chilly piece of seasonal chamber music and the first piece I ever heard by the contemporary American composer Rick Sowash. Back in 1991, I saw the disc at a store and decided to take a chance! Each season is represented in the first Piano Trio, “Four Seasons In Bellville”. I ended up buying the disc for my music-loving father and regularly feature pieces from it to this day!

Kathryn CalderChloë Doucet, “By Your Side”

Back in September, Grant picked a Chloë Doucet song, Lighthouse, from her great debut album Double Back for his house blend pick, and I’d like to pick another song from the same album! The one I’d like to pick this week is By Your Side – a fun garage-pop song with distorted vocals, plenty of guitars, and excellent 60s-era songwriting sensibilities! A real gem.

David WardThe Denim Daddies, “Road Runner”

A solid debut single from a new Edmonton-based band with influences ranging from The Flying Burrito Brothers to Ryan Adams. It’s unpretentious, good time, country rock. “Chasin’ the white lines just to see how far they would go”.

Grant StovelNdidi O, “Hands High”

It’s been years since we’ve heard from this giant-voiced Canadian singer…
But she just blew through the province over the weekend, playing Calgary’s Block Heater festival — and dropping off this advance single for us along the way!
This ferocious-sounding advance track is the lead-off track from Ndidi’s long-awaited new album — set to land in middle March.