Every week, CKUA’s hosts submit their song for our weekly House Blend playlist – an exciting new release, a beloved classic or just an old personal favourite. We mix it all together to create a sonic concoction that’ll help kick off your week. Check out what’s on this week’s playlist.

The Playlist

BabaThe Cold Manitoba Project, “Cold Manitoba”

“Moved by Downie’s final request, Michael Boguski (from Blue Rodeo) launched a grassroots charity projects, with like-minded artists including Chris Mason and Lucas Goetz (formerly of Deep Dark Woods), Jim Bowskill (The Sheepdogs, Blue Rodeo), Chris Sleightholm and Dustin Bentall.”

Orest SoltykevychArs Nova Singers / Thomas Morgan, “Bill Douglas: Deep Peace”

Bill Douglas is a London, Ontario-born pianist and composer who received an “Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto” diploma in classical piano at age seventeen.
About his song Deep Peace, Douglas wrote, “I wanted to write the most beautiful melodies that I could, so for inspiration I went to one of the great melodic traditions in the world, the British Isles folk music tradition.”

David WardAnn Vriend, “It’s Happening”

Ann’s collaboration with a diverse group of young students involved with the Sifton Elementary School’s choir is an insistent, upbeat, and positive message emphasizing that action is being taken to establish an inclusive society. That’s right – It’s already Happening!

Lisa WiltonKaia Kater, “Canyonland”

The beautiful track from Kaia Kater’s latest album, Grenades, is poetic, poignant and sophisticated. There is a lot to chew on in this song. In fact, the more you listen to it, the more you get out of it.
Canyonland begins with her lovley, understated banjo playing, working its way up to an earworm chorus.

Meg WilcoxRobyn feat. Zhala, “Human Being”

It’s been eight years since Robyn’s last album… and it delivers! I particularly love this song as it’s the perfect mix of her trademark smart lyrics and dance-worthy beats.

Kodi HutchinsonBarbra Lica, “So in Love”

Music from rising Canadian vocal jazz start Barbra Lica who effortlessly fuses her jazz and pop sensibilities. She is playing the Canadian Jazz Festivals in Edmonton (Nov 10) and Calgary (Nov 11).

Tony KingThought Gang, “A Real Indication”

November 2nd marked the release of a remastered recording that David Lynch and his music soul mate Angelo Badalamenti set in motion in the 1990’s. A Real Indication first appeared on the soundtrack of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, now it has found new life thanks to Lynch diving back into the archive, giving a proverbial facelift, and adding a few personal touches (including some slithering fuzzy guitar licks) to the master tapes. For fun, check out the video for the song starring Badalementi, shot on Hi 8 by David Lynch in 1992.

Grant StovelEdie Brickell & the New Bohemians, “What Makes You Happy”

“Kick it to the curb if it doesn’t serve you/ If it only hurts you, it don’t deserve you.”
It was 30 years this month that this Texas group rocketed to the top of the charts by channeling a Popeye-esque zen with their beguilingly simply message, “What I am/ Is what I am”.
Well, after a dozen years between records, Edie and her NEW New Bohemians sound fresher than ever, full of self-affirmation, positive vibes and slinky funk grooves.

Roy ForbesGrandpa Jones, “Daylight Savings Time”

With the recent time-change, I thought it would be fun to hear how Grandpa Jones felt about the situation. Here’s “Daylight Savings Time”, from my original 1958 Decca 78.

Hayley MuirUta Bella, “Enyin”

Well, I love a good compilation and I love some vintage afro-funk and the Africa Seven label out of the UK released ‘Mothers Garden (The Funky Sounds Of Female Africa 1975 – 1984)’ a couple months back. HELLO! I think Dusted Magazine summed it up best in their review: “Where are the women in vintage African funk? … there may not have been a lot of women making music in public in Africa 40 years ago, but there were some – and some good ones.” Here here! This track from Uta Bella is afro-funk at its best, with a good dose of disco thrown in for good measure.

Dianne DonovanDavid Bowie, “Alladin Sane”

Title track from the album of the same name (and one of his best!)…hypnotic groove and check out, Mike Garson’s piano solo etc. I wore out my big sister’s record, not just checking out the song but going over and over the piano part…definitely, led me to jazz (and my never-ending love for Bowie).

Amy van Keeken Joni Mitchell, “Urge For Going”

Joni Mitchell will celebrate her 75th birthday this November 7th. Urge For Going is the perfect late fall song and showcases all the best of Mitchell’s writing: poetic lyrics with vivid imagery, nature and seasonal references, interesting guitar work and a beautiful, spare and haunting melody.