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Terry David MulliganJann Arden, “The Long Goodbye”

Such a personal song. The loss of Jann’s Father and the slow fade of her wonderful Mother. All of Jann’s thoughts, wishes and dreams in one song.
The Long Goodbye is one of her best songs ever. With Bob Rock co-writing and supplying solid support in the studio the song was bound to be stellar. It will touch you I promise.

Meg WilcoxWeaves, “Slicked”

In honour of Weaves coming through Alberta this week, one of my favourite songs from the Toronto band. With lines like ” I got my hair slicked back and my boots on, found my eyeshadow too // I got my nails stuck on and my jeans up high look in the mirror that is you // Crack a beer on the way if you think it’s okay feel like a hot air balloon…” it’s a rockin’ throwback to memories of nights out past…

BabaCadence Weapon, “The Afterparty”

1. It is a relatable story. 2. We don’t get much hiphop on air. 3. A lot of hiphop is not easy to program for us. 3. Roland “Rollie” Pemberton is ‘home grown’ (Edmonton).

Mark AntonelliDavid Wirsig, “Black Eyes”

There’s something literally haunting about this song. What is it that breaks the surface of the sea? Cthulhu? Dagon? A shark? A giant squid? Whatever it is, its black eyes find you almost at once. To say nothing of the voices in the attic. David Wirsig’s mild voice and singing style make the story even spookier. I couldn’t think of a more perfect song for the Weather segment on the Welcome To Night Vale podcast!

Hayley MuirGitkin, “Grand Street Feast”

Very cool psychy, deserty instrumental tunes from New York’s Gitkin. Inspired by his traveling guitar salesman uncle, this whole album has a real roadtrip, top down, windblown feel to it. The record (5 Star Motel) is full of Latin influences, but this particular track is inspired by Tuareg Saharan music and definitely carries that vibe right through.

Grant StovelMariel Buckley, “Driving in the Dark”

Calgary’s Mariel Buckley has found a special place in the hearts of roots music fans here in Alberta, and I’m certain that the rest of the world is about fall in love with her, too — as her brand-new album “Driving in the Dark” is nothing short of brilliant.
Mariel’s amazing songs & heartfelt vocals, a great band, plus phenomenal production work by Leeroy Stagger — all the elements come together to make this a dynamite, deeply-felt, world-class Americana record. To my ears, this’ll doubtless be one of the finest Americana albums released in 2018, period! For real. It’s that good.
What a gem she is. And from right here in this part of the world! Amazing.