Hello, my darlings,

Before moving to Edmonton in 2002, the rolling hills of Labrador West, was my home. There, with my music and visual art soaked family I began performing on stage at the age of 5. Choirs, bands, rehearsals and sound checks became routine and eventually I enrolled in the Music Industry and Performance Program at the College of the North Atlantic. After a short career as a bar manager and moonlighting as a technician’s assistant at the local Arts And Culture Centre, I drifted west and settled in Edmonton.

The week that my first maternity check ran out, I had my first audition as a solo artist in Edmonton (January 2005) and I worked my way up to about 200 gigs a year performing as both a solo act and as the front of a five-piece Celtic Rock group, the Derina Harvey Band (dHb).
I truly believe that the support we have received from the CKUA Radio Network has contributed incredibly to the success of both of dHb’s independent albums and sincerely, I couldn’t be more grateful. Most recently dHb travelled to Tacoma, WA and won ‘Best in Showcase’ at the Arts Northwest Conference 2017.

So I’m no stranger to a mic however, I’m brand new to hosting a radio program! I’m so excited for the opportunity to connect with the fantastic music loving sea of CKUA supporters. We’re gonna have a bit of fun together on Friday nights and share some songs with the pilot program, Waves.