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• CKUA does not accept unsolicited donations. All donations must be approved by the Music Library Technician.

• Prior to accepting donations, a detailed inventory must be provided to the Music Library Technician.

• This inventory must list the artist/album/format and general condition of the items. Upon receiving this inventory, the Music Library Technician will decide whether or not to accept the donation.

• All gifts become the property of CKUA and will be used in a manner which will best benefit our organization, such as:
– Adding the material to our collection
– Selling the material through a record sale, which will generate funds to enhance CKUA’s collections and services
– Giving the material away as prizes or gifts to staff, volunteers, and other individuals

• Please ensure that the items are in excellent condition; that they are playable, presentable, and without significant scratches or torn booklets.

• Gift donors are responsible for the delivery of gifts to CKUA.

• Please contact the station before dropping off gifts of any size.

• CKUA reserves the right to decline unsuitable material. Please bear in mind that CKUA’s library is already quite large, and we may have no need for duplicates or records which do not fit our format.

For more information, please contact CKUA’s Music Library Technician:

Arianne Smith


Arianne Smith-Piquette
(Music Library Technician)
CKUA Radio Network
9804 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T5J 0C5