Frazey Ford‘s last album, Indian Ocean, brought her worldwide attention — something that hit the BC singer-songwriter while playing a show in New Zealand last November.

“There was a whole row of women in front who flew in from some other island. And they knew the words to every song,” she tells Terry David Mulligan on this week’s Mulligan Stew.

“It was just so sweet. It’s a wild thing.”

Now working with a new label and with another album set to be finished later this year, Ford gives a peek at her personal approach to songwriter. And he shares some info on her plans this summer, which include a stop off at Lethbridge’s Wide Skies Music Festival.

Speaking of festivals, TDM also sits down with Sue Panning, artistic director of the Canmore Folk Music Festival. She’ll talk a bit about what they have in store for festival-goers in August this year, and share a few tracks from headliners like Buffy Sainte-Marie, Ruthie Foster, Coco Love Alcorn and Joey Landreth.

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