(Image: Elizabeth Shepherd.com)


Elizabeth Shepherd is a ground-breaking Canadian jazz keyboard-player, vocalist, songwriter and bandleader who has four times been nominated for a JUNO in the Vocal Jazz Album category. Two of her five albums have been included on the Polaris Music Prize Long List – an award that annually honours and rewards artists who produce Canadian music albums of distinction.

Her first album, Start To Move (2006) signaled the arrival of a new and unique voice on the Canadian jazz scene and the 4 albums that followed – plus a collection of dancefloor remixes and B-sides – have certainly done nothing to dispute that! Elizabeth has continued to defy categorization and draw new audiences to music that is jazz-inflected (certainly) but infused with soul, R&B, funk, complex rhythms, artful lyrics – it’s a complete, intriguing, satisfying blend appreciated enthusiastically by audiences around the world. Including many who had never considered themselves jazz fans.

Wednesday evening at 7pm MT, Elizabeth Shepherd joins Monica Miller for this week’s Mixtape – a selection of just some of the music that has inspired and motivated her as an artist, a mother, a human.


*Elizabeth’s playlist also contains:

Shuya Okino/Kyoto Jazz Massive -“Thank You” featuring Navasha Daya