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Don McEvoy

Don McEvoy

Don is a treasured volunteer, with Hospitality. When he’s in the building, the coffee’s hot and plentiful, the kitchen floor’s clean, and the food’s delivered to the pledge room regularly. I wish he could always be here! Read what Don has to say about his volunteering experience:

Good music is a source of joy in my life, and is therefore one of my passions. I first came across CKUA in 1982, when I was posted to Edmonton (to 447 Squadron). I n searching the radio dial, I quickly found CKUA as a source of alternative, interesting music.

Whether I’m walking the neighbourhood, riding my bike, commuting, doing housework, or sitting in the back yard by the firepit, CKUA is my musical source. My wife and children listen occasionally. My best friend also listens, to blues programming. Curiosity and love of music, that is either inspired or conveys virtuosity, keeps me listening.

CKUA most definitely adds something to Alberta culture – in support of local, Canadian, and international artists, and cultural organizations.

I also volunteer with the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. There are similarities, including the people involved with both CKUA and the FolkFest.

Volunteering is important because there is satisfaction in contributing to a cause I believe in. It’s also a way to meet people who have similar interests to mine.

The staff and volunteers were both kind and supportive during last spring’s campaign, when my wife fell ill.