Derina Harvey is set to make Waves tonight on CKUA, with a new show that explores East Coast traditional music, then drifts with East Coast acts who specialize in other genres perhaps reeling in performers either emerging or iconic from around the world along the way.

“The music starts primarily from east coast musicians … we’re going to start from the east and see where it takes us,” says Harvey.

“Hopefully, what I would like to share is that ripple out from the east coast. And we’ll just ride the wave from there.”

In a way, Waves’ east-coast-and-beyond focus mimics her own musical career. Growing up in a small mining town in West Labrador, she started singing and playing in a family band as a child. After moving to Edmonton, she started the Derina Harvey Band along with fellow Atlantic transplants. Over two albums and countless shows, the Celtic-rock outfit has been known for putting a fresh, frenzied take on traditional songs and melodies — an energetic attitude she plans to bring to CKUA.

“The show is fluid,” she says. “We just want to have some absolute fun. That’s really my whole thing.”

Cach the first episode of Waves’ eight-episode run tonight on CKUA at 8pm MT.