Photo: Mat Dunlap

If someone was to write a big lie about David Myles, it might look like this: David Myles is boring and doesn’t do very much.

The truth is, the host of CKUA’s new show, Myles from Home, makes words like “energetic” and “creative” feel inadequate.

To wit: Myles is a singer-songwriter-trumpeter who, in the last three months: published a book, released two different albums (in different languages,) toured eastern Canada and began hosting a CKUA radio show. Oh, and he has a family, including two little daughters Maria, 6 and Silvia, 3.

“It’s been an extraordinarily busy time,” he says with bright enthusiasm (the manner in which he seems to say all things.)

It’s also an extraordinarily fun time, he’s quick to add. In addition to everything else, he’s having a blast making a radio show.

“I’ve been obsessed with music my whole life,” says the youthful 37-year-old. “I’ve always liked talking about music and sharing songs.”

His CKUA show is not his first radio-rodeo. Myles hosted the East Coast Music Hour on CBC, from 2014 to 2016.

Now he’s back on-air, hitting the CKUA airwaves Saturdays at 5 a.m. and, starting January 15th, Tuesdays at midnight with his special blend of easy story-telling and nerd/genius-level music knowledge.

Myles fits in well with the CKUA ethos, says content director Kevin Wilson. “He has genuinely eclectic tastes and he’s adroit at creating a beautiful musical landscape with so many different artists, so many different genres – just a lovely combination of tamber, tone and texture.”

Feedback from listeners shows the new show hasn’t gone unmissed.

“We’re big fans of David Myles so we were anxiously awaiting this show,” says Debby MacDougall, an Albertan living in PEI. “It did not disappoint – excellent music with fun banter to go along with our Saturday morning coffee. What a superb programming choice.”

As Wilson noted, Myles From Home swings to the eclectic – he is not a person who fears venturing into uncharted musical waters.

Case in point: he’s a folk-roots musician who has won a Juno and two Much Music Awards for a rap video. “Inner Ninja,” his collaboration with Canadian rapper Luke Boyd (a.k.a. Classified,) hit #5 on the Canadian charts and won a pile of awards

“Working with Luke taught me the importance of getting out of my comfort zone,” says Myles. “Most of his suggestions seem completely crazy and then they end up being awesome.”

“Completely crazy” and “awesome” might also do well to describe Myles’ life right now. However, a more peaceful time is coming.

When he’s not on the road, Myles puts together his shows in The Pod, a sunny, cedar-shingled shed that serves as his backyard studio and workspace.

“January’s going to be way more chill,” he says. “I’m excited to develop the show more, have people come by The Pod, hang out, record a song.”

He wants your input. “I love it when people get in touch with their thoughts, recommendations, whatever,” he says. His email is

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