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I crave these songs like food”, says Amelia Curran this week’s Mixtape guest Wednesday at 7PM MT.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to her music, you’ll encounter a woman who is thoughtful, articulate, passionate, smart as a whip, AND one heck of a songwriter. Amelia has become well-known, not only for her songwriting, but for her commitment to issues of equality, mental health, community…in short, caring for one another. To that end, Curran is the founder of It’s Mental, a grassroots community organization based in St. John’s, working to inspire real change within our mental healthcare system, and rallying a mandate of education, services, and support.

Amelia Curran’s most recent album (her eighth), Watershed, is another collection of brilliantly written songs that explore all the issues that are currently so important to her, including a couple of good old love songs.

Amelia Curran will be performing as part of the 2017 Interstellar Rodeo in Edmonton.