What a day! We opened up the doors to our Edmonton studio to celebrate 9 decades of radio, and you showed up in force. Huge thanks to everyone who joined us and made our 90th a smashing success, and for the volunteers, staff and sponsors that made it all possible. 
A special thanks for the support from the Edmonton Heritage Council and the City of Edmonton.

We threw open the doors and lit up our new sign to welcome folks to our open studio

Thanks to everyone who left birthday wishes for us.

One of the highlights of the event: amazing artists covering great songs from the last 90 decades. Here, PJ Perry & Chris Andrew take on Charlie Parker.

Jay Gilday gets the crowd in a 70’s mood with his rendition of Neil Young’s “Ohio.”

Can’t talk about the history of CKUA without talking to the guy who steer us through some transformative times – Ken Regan chats with David Ward.

Couldn’t have pulled it off without help from our amazing volunteers, like Alan, who taught visitors about some of our past gear.

Speaking of past gear, our music librarian Arianne hauled out some gems from the past 90 years.

We’ve collected a lot of priceless pieces of radio history over the past 9 decades.

Dana was on hand to hark back to the spirit of the CKUA Radio Players who crafted radio dramas in the ’30s.

Joe Nolan wows the room with his cover of the Tragically Hip’s “Bobcaygeon.”

All told, we had about nearly 800 people head through the doors and visit our studio this weekend!

Abigael’s was one of them – she brought painting that she made for us as a birthday gift!

Nuela Charles wows the crowd with Fiest’s “My Moon, My Man.”

Also: cupcakes

With 90 behind us, we are looking to our 100th in 2027 – and you shared your thoughts of what you wanted the CKUA of the future to look like!