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Ban Phe, Thailand with Les

For a number of years now, I’ve been wintering in Thailand. Having travelled throughout the country, I’ve settled for my house in Ban Phe, southeast of Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand. It’s the small port town that’s the ferry

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Coatepec, Mexico with Christian

My name is Christian Pickup, and I live in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico, with my wife and our two daughters. We re-located here from Edmonton in 2011. I have listened to CKUA since the mid 90s, and out of easy radio

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Iceland with Cal and Lorri White

We just got back from three great weeks in Iceland. It was funny riding in buses and hearing 70s North American pop or sometimes even 40s and 50s crooning because everything we had heard was that Iceland had a vibrant

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Kingsport, Tennessee with Timothy

Hello to all! My name is Tim, I am an avid radio DX’er. From my location here in Kingsport, Tennessee,USA, I have logged nearly 1000 FM stations over the past 16 years. On June 11, 2012 your station on 93.7

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London, England with David

We met David when he asked us this: I’m looking identify a song by, I believe, a Canadian folk artist. It’s from the 1970s. I have a digital recording of it. Could I send it to you to pass on

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Korea with Eileen Mardres

CKUA first ‘met’ Eileen Mardres when she filled out a feedback form, asking us for help with a technical problem…”I plan to visit my son in Korea and spend a few months, so definitely need to be able to listen

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Hawaii with Jason, Amelie, Toby, Elsie

We are from Polebridge, Montana living in Hawaii on the big island. Still enjoy CKUA through the internet. It is a cool change listening to the music with palm trees swaying. Thanks – Jason, Amelie, Toby (3), Elsie (1)           

New Brunswick with John and Ivy

Ages – yes ages – ago I sat in with several of the DJs on CKUA – Bill Coull, Holger Petersen, Bob Chelmick, Marc Vasey, etc. – and had some enjoyable moments. This morning I decided to say hello again

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Murau, Austria with Christoph

From: Christoph To: Bob Chelmick Hello Mr. Chelmick, It’s a pleasure that I can listen to CKUA radio, especially to The Road Home. Christoph —- Hello Christoph! Many thanks for the note from Austria. It’s wonderful to think of this

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Ushuaia, Argentina with Maraya

CKUA Radio listener Maraya made a trip to “the end of the world”, a place called Ushuaia, the Americas’ southernmost city. Here she is shown on a boat cruising the Beagle Channel. She also visited Perito Moreno Glacier in Southern

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Monte Alban, Mexico with Dan

I now live about 6 months of the year in Mexico and I listen to CKUA, The Best Radio on the Internet. Sometimes, though, I do listen to the local public radio station, to help with my Spanish comprehension. It

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Tony and Jo from Utila

We just wanted you to know that we listen almost every day to CKUA on our bandwidth, limited though it is, here on the tiny Caribbean island of Utila, in The Bay Islands. Your programming keeps us in touch with

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Tapio Kalmi

Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Tapio Kalmi and I send this letter to you because I was able to listen to your station’s program in Northern Finland, Europe with my special equipment. I am 49 years old, married with

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Ian Coates, World Motorcycle Traveller

I have lots of friends in Canada. I first heard CKUA at John and Jerry’s farm in Lougheed, Alberta, where they have it on all the time in their workshop. Some (not all) of the countries I’ve been to are:

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Vardo, Norway with Hans Ostnell

  I am Hans Ostnell, a 47 years young man who is a Swedish “refugee” now living in Vardo in the arctic part of Norway. The town of Vardo is actually located on a small island, about 2 kilometers east

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QSL Cards

QSL cards are like postcards that shortwave listeners send and receive to confirm reception of a signal from AM (such as CKUA 580AM) or FM radio, television or shortwave station. While QSL is one of the Q codes used in radio

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