We’ve got a few changes coming to our schedule this holiday Monday. Whatever you’re doing to celebrate Canada’s 151, be sure to check in this weekend for special programming and some different voices.

Friday, June 30

6pm-8pm | The Celtic Show with Andy Donnelly

  • “It’s All Canadian Celtic Music Friday”

Sunday, July 1

6am-9am | Sunday Breakfast with Orest Soltykevych

  • It’s a show full of pieces by Canadian composers and performances from Canadian musicians.

10am-12pm | Folk Routes with Tom Coxworth

  • “Folk Routes is going backwards and forwards with some of the best in folk/rock and pop from Canada. With Original Caste, Perth Country Conspiracy, David Wiffen, Brent Titcomb, McKenna Mendleson Mainline…then into the future with Kacy and Clayton, Corb Lund, Raine Hamilton …it’s all universal love and peace through the decades.”

12pm – 1pm | The Bluegrass Hour with Darcy Whiteside

  • “It’s an all Canadian Bluegrass Hour. Canadian bluegrass artists, with a few U.S. bands that sing about Canada. Even have a couple bluegrass songs in French.”

1pm – 2pm | Roy’s Record Room with Roy Forbes

  • A Fingerfulla Canada 45s on RRR this Sunday – Prairie garage sounds, 50s Canada country, rockabilly and psychedelic singles from 60s Vancouver, plus a lot more.

3pm-4pm | Voices in Jazz with Dianne Donovan

  • “We’ll celebrate Canada Day, with Poutine, “Pilsner” and some of our favourite jazz singers! Okay, you bring the poutine and beer but I’ll supply the singers.”

4pm-6pm | World Spinning with Lark Clark

  • “Indigenous artists, regional cultural artists, and folks from around the globe who have found a safe place to call home.”

8pm-10pm | The Road Home with Bob Chelmick

  • “For the occasion The Road Home is wall-to-wall Canadiana – music and spoken words.”

As usual, expect the unexpected. (okay that makes no sense)

Monday, July 2

6am-10am | Alberta Morning with Oskar Zybart

10am-2pm | Mid-Day with Lisa Wilton

2pm-6pm | Freeway with Brian Golightly

6pm-8pm | How I Hear It with Kerry Clarke

8pm-10pm | Classic Examples with Mark Antonelli

10pm-12am | Stardust with Tony King