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Bob Kenyon

Bob Kenyon

Meet Bob Kenyon – a CKUA listener, supporter, volunteer, and facebook commentator. Bob stopped by for a visit to our Green Room one Friday in June, and told us his story.

My dad was a real tinkerer – he actually built his own stereo component unit and his own speaker boxes. He listened to CKUA a lot because it was on FM, and he liked Classical, big band & show tunes. I had a radio in my bedroom, and listened to rock stations. I discovered CKUA after I got tired of hearing the same stuff over and over…when you have a dial on your radio, you tweedle it around! Friends of mine at Jasper Place High School had also told me about 580AM – and they suggested I listen at night, to (whispers conspiratorially) ‘Underground Music’ with Tony Dillon Davis. As I grew up, my tastes changed; but even when I was young I liked folk music. I still have my original Simon & Garfunkel ‘Bookends’, and recently got my turntable going. I’ve now been listening to vinyl – and just love it!

I went to all the great concerts in Edmonton – Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Cream – there were 3 marvellous venues in Edmonton: Edmonton Gardens (long gone), the Sales Pavilion (long gone), and the Kinsmen Field House, with its dirt floor for the track & field meets there.

A few years ago I went to Cypress Hills. I could pick up CKUA from Medicine Hat to Cypress Hills, but right as I drove into Saskatchewan, I lost the signal, almost like it stopped right at the provincial border… a couple days later I drove back by Brooks & Drumheller, & I could hear CKUA from Medicine Hat all the way to Edmonton.

The CKUA announcers will play old artists, who might have been out of the music scene a while – like Tom Jones releasing a new album. You don’t hear that on other stations. Nor will you hear about people passing away either – but CKUA played Janis Joplin and the Full Tilt Boogie Band, when Rick Bell died.

CKUA does so much for arts & culture here in Alberta, but I think in terms of finding new listeners, we’re often preaching to the choir – we’ve somehow got to get out there to people who don’t know about it. A lot of younger people who probably don’t listen to CKUA, would probably like it, but they just need to know when to listen.

And now CKUA’s the only one I listen to – there are some fairly good internet stations, but by far CKUA is the only place left to go. I wake up to CKUA, go to bed with CKUA, got it on in the car…