We hear stories of the strangest events that have happened to people in elevators as the National Elevator Project is presenting eight very short plays in working elevators in Edmonton during the Canoe Festival (January 22-February 2).

Calgary’s Chad VanGaalen considers himself a visual artist before a musician, even though his music has been nominated for a Juno and a couple of Polaris Music Prizes. Now he is creating animations, one of which is for his late friend and fellow Calgary musician Chris Reimer.  

We go online and on stage with Do You Want What I’ve Got? A Craigslist Cantata, a production that brings to life the characters behind Craigslist ads. The show is in Calgary (January 22-February 1) for High Performance Rodeo and then in Edmonton (February 5-23) at The Citadel Theatre.

Alberta artist Michael Markowsky is the first person to make art while flying at super-sonic speeds, in a Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 Hornet Fighter Jet Plane out of Cold Lake. He explain what the artistic experience was like and how a short film is being produced to document the process.

Sue Carscallen shares real-life stories she found in diaries by her great aunt Countess Olga Hendrikoff in the book A Countess in Limbo: Diaries in War & Revolution; Russia 1914-1920. The book details the loss of her brother in the Russian Gulag, her sister-in-law murdered with the Russian Imperial family, and herself being robbed at gunpoint and accused of being a spy by the Nazis.