Email addresses are generally formatted as follows:
first initial last name (at) (example:

Marc Carnes CEO

Fund Development
Natalie O’Toole Director of Philanthropy
Natalie Cook Grants Coordinator
Lesley McMillan Leadership Program
Tira Mills Development Officer
Tristan Cruz  Database Officer
Pat Yim Development Assistant
Laura Svajlenko Fund Development Manager
Linda Johnson Community Connections Officer – Calgary

Patti Nicholl Sales & Sponsorship Manager
Mandy Palubicki Arts and Culture Advertising Manager
June Meeboer Business Development Manager

Kevin Wilson Content Director
David Ward Senior Producer/Announcer
Elliott Garnier Senior Producer
Mark Antonelli Announcer/Producer
Dilbagh Singh Bhangoo (Baba) Announcer/Producer
Allison Brock Announcer/Producer
Bob Chelmick Announcer/Producer
Lark Clark Announcer/Producer
Tom Coxworth Announcer/Producer
Andy Donnelly Announcer/Producer
Dianne Donovan Announcer/Producer
Roy Forbes Announcer/Producer
Cam Hayden Announcer/Producer
Kodi Hutchinson Announcer/Producer
Tony King Announcer/Producer
Monica Miller Announcer/Producer
Matt Masters Announcer/Producer
Terry David Mulligan Announcer/Producer
Holger Petersen Announcer/Producer
Lionel Rault Announcer/Producer
Orest Soltykevych Announcer/Producer
Grant Stovel Announcer/Producer
Amy Van Keeken Announcer/Producer
Lisa Wilton Announcer/Producer
Leeroy Stagger Announcer/Producer
Hayley Muir Announcer/Producer
John Worthington Announcer/Producer
Oskar Zybart Announcer/Producer
Arianne Smith-Piquette Library Technician
Sharon Cross Traffic Coordinator
Paul (Duke) Paetz Technical Producer
Brendan Cross Technical Producer

Marketing & Communications
Amanda Lemay Communications Director
Erika Dart Creative Writer

Facilties Bookings
Karen Howell

Technical Department
Kris Rodts Director, Engineering
Rod Setter Engineering Supervisor
Don Haberstock Technician
Beena Chacko Digital Project Officer
Ryan Breitkreitz IT Systems Administrator

Volunteer Department
Breanne Coffill Volunteer Program Manager
Mark Rodgers Volunteer Program Coordinator

Web Department
Scott Lilwall Digital Content Editor

Administration & Finance
Mary Phillips-Rickey Director of Finance and Administration
Lorna Stevenson Senior Accountant
June Kostoulias Accounts Receivable
Donna Daly Payroll & Benefits Administrator
Shannon Romanyshyn Executive Assistant