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Thanks to our Volunteers from CKUA!

Thanks to our Volunteers from CKUA!

Thanks so much for your interest in volunteering for CKUA! There are no current volunteer opportunities, but we are always accepting volunteer applications to keep on file for the following areas:

  • Fundraiser: various jobs including phone volunteer (taking donations), hospitality (keeping food and drink flowing), data entry, shift manager and data manager (responsible for overseeing shift volunteers and donations made)
  • Musical or Community Events: representing CKUA as an Ambassador at events in the community, educating potential listeners and selling merchandise
  • Donor Stewardship/Appreciation: thanking listener supporters in various ways (by mail-outs or phone calls) after they have made their donation
  • Library: helping keep our massive music library organized and updated – can include processing new CDs, inputting data, etc.
  • Administrative Support: provide administrative support to the various departments at CKUA as requested, including volunteer resources, fund development, programming, marketing or library
  • Casino: we require volunteers every other year for the CKUA Casino
  • CKUA Building / School Group Tours: providing tours of the CKUA building as needed to the general public or as part of School Experience programs

To become part of the CKUA volunteer pool, please fill out our online application.

If you have any questions, please email Breanne Coffill, Volunteer Program Manager.

Meet your Volunteer Program Manager, Breanne Coffill

I was born and raised in Edmonton, and my parents are huge folk music fans that exposed me at a very young age to music through their own personal collections, but also through CKUA Radio. My husband and I have been long-time listeners of CKUA and it’s one of the few things we have in common!

Breanne Coffill

Breanne Coffill

My role at CKUA is the Volunteer Program Manager and I am very excited to work with all the loyal and dedicated CKUA Volunteers that are the backbone to fundraising season and throughout the year. If you would have asked me 10 years ago what I thought I would be doing for a career, I’m not sure if volunteer management would have even come to mind!

I graduated from the U of A with a Bachelor of Physical Education Degree with a concentration in Adapted Physical Activity, which led me into the personal training world, assisting clients/athletes with permanent physical disabilities. I then moved into coordinating programs in non-profit organizations, and eventually was recruited to be a volunteer manager….and LOVED it. I have always been a volunteer myself in my community and for many initiatives around Edmonton. I love working with people and coordinating events and individuals, so it was a natural fit and I have never looked back.

Engaging with my community and the feeling that I am making a difference in whatever I am doing, motivates me and inspires me to push myself constantly. For fun, I love hanging out with my family, cooking, eating and any fitness class!!